Cleaning Your Home by Tim Mather

Cleaning Your Home by Tim Mather



One of the basic spir­i­tu­al war­fare tac­tics nec­es­sary for liv­ing in lib­er­ty is to main­tain a clean house, spir­i­tu­al­ly as well as phys­i­cal­ly. When friends or fam­i­ly come over, they bring dirt and demons. You don’t make val­ue judg­ments about the dirt they track in or the lint that falls off onto your clean car­pet, you just take out your Dirt Dev­il and vac­u­um it up. The same is true about the spir­it realm. Most of the time, some­one who comes into your house with a demon will leave with that demon. But from time to time, there will be left behind what may be termed a “famil­iar spir­it.” A famil­iar spir­it is trans­ferred through famil­iar­i­ty – rela­tion­al con­tact with a demo­nized per­son – and attach­ing to some area of spir­i­tu­al dark­ness you might provide.

Some­times demons try to remain behind as an act of sub­terfuge to under­mine the peace and tran­quil­i­ty of the home, espe­cial­ly and specif­i­cal­ly rela­tion­ships. We have dis­cov­ered the pres­ence of a left-behind, not by see­ing it, but by our erupt­ing atti­tudes in the after­math of a vis­it by a demo­nized per­son. When we trav­el, we are care­ful to take author­i­ty over the hotel room – since we have a legal con­tract for its use, it has become our domain. The same thing is true when we stay in some­one else’s house – they have giv­en us legal right to stay there, so that room has tem­porar­i­ly become our domain. My house is my domain – so the demons on our guests can be resist­ed from attack by a word. What’s the word? Here it is … NO. How’s that for sim­ple? If you sense them mess­ing with you, speak to the air – you will not dis­turb me in my domain. I usu­al­ly use the Gift of Tongues for this oper­a­tion, whis­pered, near­ly inaudi­bly, in the pres­ence of my guests.

This is the Upside-down King­dom so every­thing in here oppos­es the sil­ly, king­dom of dark­ness “wis­dom” that makes so much sense to our dull minds. With­in the King­dom this one thing is true: The greater the wis­dom, the sim­pler it will be. A cou­ple more things to remem­ber as you take author­i­ty over your domi­cile. First, demons aren’t omnipresent. Hence, if you say some­thing in one room, and the demons are in anoth­er room, they can’t hear you and there­by are not com­pelled to exit. Con­verse­ly, demons aren’t deaf. You don’t have to scream like a ban­shee to get them to go. Speak like a human who isn’t freaked out! In this case, we don’t take the time to name the demons. Just make the gen­er­al declarations.

The clean­ing solu­tion with­in the King­dom of Light is the Blood of the Lamb. The abid­ing pres­ence of the Lord is man­i­fest in the oil of the Holy Spir­it. There­fore, these are our upside-down weapons. Some folks like to put oil on the door­posts of the home as they begin. If you are into prophet­ic sym­bols and pic­tures, knock your­self out. In any event, the process is as sim­ple as casu­al­ly walk­ing from one room to anoth­er loos­ing the Blood and the Oil. Start at one end of the house, not for­get­ting the attic or base­ment, if you have them. Speak calm­ly, yet firm­ly, and make your dec­la­ra­tions. Here is what I might say when asked to clean someone’s house (or when we shoo those pesky demo­nized guests out after an evening of fun) –

“I com­mand any­thing unclean or foul in this room to leave in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Liv­ing God. And I loose the Blood of the Lamb to cleanse this place and the Oil of the Holy Spir­it to sat­u­rate it. This is our house and you have no legal right here.”

Your faith is exer­cised as you move through with no man­i­fes­ta­tions. It will be qui­et and unevent­ful. You can do it with about the same emo­tion as you expe­ri­ence while suck­ing the dirt out of your carpet.

Now, there are always those who want to make this com­pli­cat­ed. “My hus­band is not in the King­dom, so can I clean my house in spite of him?” “We rent, we don’t own. Do we have author­i­ty over it?” “Our grown chil­dren are real­ly demo­nized. Should we not let them come over?” Here is the sim­ple answer to all poten­tial con­cerns: Jesus spent His time with glut­tons and drunk­ards, pros­ti­tutes and reli­gious freaks and He stayed clean. You must learn to inter­act with demo­nized peo­ple with­out being vic­tim­ized by them. Find out Who Christ is IN YOU, the hope of glory.

Stop react­ing like vic­tims! We are kings and priests, anx­ious for NOTHING! Demons are as much a part of this cre­ation as are we, so the aware­ness that they are around shouldn’t freak you out. Look­ing for a demon under every rock is the very def­i­n­i­tion of angel wor­ship, or, in this case, demon wor­ship. Don’t spend too much time giv­ing them your atten­tion. That’s the def­i­n­i­tion of wor­ship. Instead, with the knowl­edge of their pres­ence in hand, focus your atten­tion on the One. Be Sher­iff Andy – meek and calm rather than freak­ing out like Bar­ney Fife. Meek­ness is sim­ply author­i­ty under con­trol. Clean that dirty house, Andy, and invite those indoor demons to go outdoors!