Room Cleaning Prayer

Room Cleaning Prayer

Use this prayer to spir­i­tu­al­ly clean out every floor of a home, every room in an apart­ment, home, a hotel room, or space you are resid­ing.

Remem­ber to include:  clos­ets, attics, garages, base­ment, stor­age rooms, garage attics, out­door sheds/barns, & dog hous­es, etc. 


Step 1. Obtain a doc­u­ment that proves you have own­er­ship of the prop­er­ty you own or rent. This can be a deed to the prop­er­ty, mort­gage doc­u­ment or rental agree­ment. The doc­u­ment should be  some­thing that has your name and proof of own­er­ship show­ing you as legal own­er of the prop­er­ty ongo­ing or for a peri­od of time (ex. vaca­tion rental)


Step 2.  Show the room/space  rent­ed or owned that you have legal right over the domain by lit­er­al­ly hold­ing up the doc­u­ment of own­er­ship and point­ing to your name on it (just as if some­body would be stand­ing in front of you). 


Step 3. Announce who you are:  “I am (first and last name)  _______ _______, and I am the legal own­er of this prop­er­ty _______ _______”. Exam­ple: 1234 Main St, City, State and Zip­code.  If this is a tem­po­rary space, you could also includes the spe­cif­ic dates you will be in this liv­ing space. 


Then say in a calm but firm voice: “I com­mand any­thing unclean or foul in this room to leave in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Liv­ing God.  And I loose the Blood of the Lamb to cleanse this area and the Oil of the Holy Spir­it to sat­u­rate it ful­ly.  We are the right­ful own­ers, this our domain, this is our prop­er­ty and you have no legal right to be here. You must leave our prop­er­ty, now, and I com­mand you to go South and East out of our spir­i­tu­al ter­ri­to­ry, far away from here.  War­rior Angels root out any­thing unclean and take them away from here in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


Based on the arti­cle Indoor Demons by Tim Math­er of Bear Creek Ranch